Friday, August 1, 2008

Setting the Record Straight or Chef Andy Howell is the Man!

I can’t help but be amazed at some people and their unmitigated determination to play the “innocent victim of abuse” card. There are many regular patrons of the site that will read a little self-serving piece entitled “CafĂ© Rustica – Chef Andy Howell Hates Kids and Bloggers” (don’t expect me to provide a link to it).

Those unfamiliar with the context or series of events leading up to BP's blog post would certainly assume that Chef Andy attacked the RD&BM author for something he wrote in one of his loquacious recaps of a recent dining adventure. THIS IS NOT THE CASE!!! I simply could not let this one go without setting the record straight. In the interest of both fairness and revelation, Chef Andy’s remarks were in defense of Karen Newton’s (Mash-up Crew) piece “When I Rule the Restaurant World” At issue are Karen’s humorous musings below:

"As a person who eats out in rva four or five times a week, I feel as qualified as anyone to share my wish list for restaurants. They’re totally subjective, so don’t get your panties in a wad if you disagree."

1. "NO children in any restaurants except chain restaurants. I don’t care how well behaved YOU think your child is, I don’t want him in the booth next to me, or being walked up and down the aisle or bothering the wait staff. I go out in the evening to enjoy adult activities in an adult atmosphere and I don’t want to hear your child whining, squealing or otherwise being child like.".........

Well folks, the little pink panties did get a little knotted as evidenced by the angry and mean spirited comment left by BP on the Mash-up site:

Reading your ‘complaints’ I’m guessing you eat alone a lot as your sniping would get on most peoples nerves.
Can you post a picture so if we see you out I can get my well behaved child to throw things at you? Any other stereotypes or generalizations you care to throw about? I’m sure you can piss off a few more people with your intolerant behavior.

It’s a little disturbing that my advertising dollars are paying your salary.
Bookstore Piet
Jul. 31, 2008 at 06:39 PM

Now, how nasty and uncalled for was that? Can you say “overly defensive”? How about “down-right mean”?

That bullyish comment was what the good Chef was reacting to when he posted his comment quoted out of context on BPs site. He was stepping up in defense of Karen’s right to her opinion (on her site). Andy spoke up, as well he should have. BP was clearly out of line with his rude comments. This is surely not evident by the quote on BP’s site.

Any one that knows anything about food and has been in Richmond for more than 15 minutes knows of Andy Howell’s restaurants and reputation as one of Richmond’s top chefs. Also well publicized are his uncompromising views on what a fine dining experience should and should not be. He knows what he wants in a restaurant and also the kind of patrons he wishes to attract. Thank goodness for him and others like him that don't kowtow or cater to every arrogant pedestrian that may stumble upon his bill of faire.

In fear that he might lose more than 2.5 customers, I could not sit idly by and see his comments misrepresented just because someone has a sharp bitch axe to grind. I guess now it's my turn to be attacked. So be it. I merely state the truth.

Peace, Bon Appetit, and YOU FUCKIN ROCK ANDY!!!