Friday, February 29, 2008

About Your Story Sam...Sorry I Asked

I've come to the conclusion that curiosity is not always a good thing. Since my last post about Mr. Samuel James Tilden Moore III, I just couldn't resist digging deeper to find out more about what I suspected was an interesting, if not sad story. Intrigued by the lack of information readily available about Moore and his background, I was determined enough to do some real digging in the archives. Suffice it to say my suspicions of connections, voiced previously, were not only confirmed but underestimated.

Herein lies the rub. In my zeal to dig up a juicy story, I forgot that knowing more can sometimes be a bad thing. I'm left now with an overwhelming sadness for his family, both living and departed, as well as for old Sam the 3d himself. His story is not unlike that of many privileged offspring that somehow are lost in the wake of the accomplishments and expectations of their prestigious families. It's sometimes hard for those that were underprivileged to grasp how wealth, connections and advantage sometime have such a destructive impact on one's life. It appears that such is the case here.

Out of respect to a fine family, I'm going to hang up my detective hat and relate none of the specifics on what I have gathered to date on Sam and his kin. If there are those that wish to know more, there is a wealth of information if you are resourceful enough to find it. My recommendation however, would be to let it rest. It's just another tragic tale of a fine Southern family lost in the aftermath of a kingdom vanished.

Good luck Sam. You're damn sure gonna need it. GOBs are a dying breed.

T G I Freaky Foto Friday!!

Here we have a couple of shots from the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Broaddus Z. Pugh who were married at their home in Sow's Branch, Arkansas.

Next, we have unearthed an early promotional foto of the B52s before they discovered drugs and a better manager.

And finally, proof positive that the Southern Baptists are indeed becoming more progressive. Who knew?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

So What's Your Story, Sam?

Something tells me Mr. Samuel J.T. Moore III is quite an interesting character. Thanks to the Times Dispatch's coverage of Mr. Moore's illustrious rap sheet, my curiosity about this guy was definitely piqued. His perfect record of acquittals on some pretty major charges, coupled with his pedigreed moniker inspired me to do a little web searching. Turns out Sam's father is an author and southern historian of some note, having published a comprehensive history of Richmond during the Civil War as well as being a frequent presenter to and past president of the Richmond Civil War Roundtable. For those that know anything about old Richmond society and the Great Lost Cause, them's pretty impressive credentials in the GOB circle.

Think about it. Who but someone with connections (good or bad) can beat a string of charges like murder, malicious wounding, sexual assault, rape, etc. and still be around to enjoy a pretty high (albeit seedy) lifestyle in the community? Membership, status, and some damn fine lawyers must be in the mix here. Something tells me there is a good back story to this saga and I really hope some ace reporter can sniff it out. I haven't seen a potentially juicy local story like this one since Clyde "the glide" Pitchford had his infamous run.

Let the fun begin.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Way to Make a Good First Impression National Theater

I start my day today by finding the following message on the National Theater website:

In the wake of the forecasted threat of a winter advisory predicted to blanket the Metro Richmond area with ice and snow, coupled with the final wrap-up of the City inspections taking place first thing tomorrow, The National owners have decided to air on the side of caution and postpone the sold out Dark Star Orchestra concert to Monday February 25th @ 7:30pm. The National will honor all tickets for tomorrow’s sold out concert for the rescheduled show on Monday night, February 25th with the added benefit of The Radiators at no additional cost. If desired, refunds are available at the point of purchase.

There are some pissed off Deadheads out here and, dammit, we have a right to be. There are a helluva lot of people that have been planning for and anticipating this show for a long time now. Adding to the excitement was the fact that the show was scheduled for a Friday night. In the past, Richmond ususally got DSO on a week night as they passed through town for a major weekend gig. This was big. We get DSO, a brand new venue, and a night to party down with no work the next day.

People can accept the truth but, in a case like this, bullcrap is not acceptable. For god sakes, don't try to blame this lack of planning on the weather. Give me a break! There is "...a threat of a winter advisory"...and the decision is to "air" on the side of caution (nice English Mr. PI officer) and postpone the show? What the hell? Does a politician run this freaking theater? Give it to us straight National Theater owners. Tell us you screwed up. Tell us the City screwed up. Tell us something that makes sense! Take some responsibility and don't blame a fictitious weather advisory that never called for shit in the first place. If you're not ready to open, come clean with it. "Air" on the side of having some balls!!!

Now all the folks that work for a living will have to settle for refunds, be no shows on Monday, and hope that this kind of bullcrap doesn't happen again. Thanks for ruining my weekend Mr. Blame the weather can't get your shit together owner of the fucking lame ass National Theater!

Oh, in case I failed to mention it, I'm pissed.


Freaky Foto Friday Weather Warning

If you walk out the door in the morning and

see this in the sky:

Just go back in the house, pour yourself a cup of coffee with a shot, and stay there.
It probably isn't going to be a good day.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Motivational Thought for the Day

This little animal is called the Naked Mole-Rat and is from Africa.

So, if find you are having a bad day or feel sorry for yourself,


Going through life is hard enough, but to go through life looking like a dick with buck teeth is horrible!

A Heartwarming Story!


Now and then it is good to have one that is just cute and sweet.
(click on image below for larger size)

There now, wasn't that just a cute and sweet little story?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Here's to You Dead Dudes

I was the perfect house husband today. I had the day off because I work for one of those organizations that let us have Mondays off whenever one of the holidays I affectionately refer to as Dead Dude's Day comes around. I never know when they are coming. I just wait for someone at work to remind me that we have a day off. It's usually on a Friday when I leave with my standard, "See you on Monday". The strange look I receive from my staff tips me off. It's that exasperated loook that says: "you poor lost dumbass, you've been working in here for 20 years and you still don't know!"

Whatever, I like surprises. Anyway, I decided to surprise Angie by cleaning the house, washing and folding all the clothes, and preparing a wonderful gourmet meal. It was a beautiful 70 degree day today but I resisted the temptation to play on the river and set about doing all the weekend chores that we put on hold so we could do nothing. Strangely enough, today, all those irritating chores became satisfying and I occupied myself all day floating between tasks with the ease of a seasoned pro, juggling food prep with laundry and cleaning, finishing just in time to greet the love of my life at the door with a drink and a kiss.

After a glorious meal, one of my best ever, I mentioned to Angie that maybe this house husband thing may be a good idea. I could quit work, we could save money on house cleaning, and she could be spoiled everyday with my attentive service. Didn't work. "I'll quit work and do all this for you", she said.

The finality in her voice awoke me to the fact that retirement is not in my immediate future. Oh well, at least I've got all those Dead Dude Days to hone my domestic skills.

Friday, February 15, 2008

It's FFF Again!

As I have been sick with the flu for the last four days, writing anything intelligent or inspired has been out of the question. Just when I'm about to forego posting for yet another day I suddenly remember, It's Freaky Foto Friday!!! Enjoy:

Friday, February 8, 2008

Hurray it's Freaky Foto Friday!

What did we ever do without the world wide web? We certainly didn't have as many pictures to amaze and entertain us!

First we have a shot from the first Olympic competition for transplant recipients. This gymnast, from the tiny island nation of Maui Momo was the first recipient of a replacement head. As no suitable donors were found, she had to settle for a bit less. Her new "head" does come in handy in breaking nasty falls off the balance beam.

Next we have Stretch Armstrong. As a boy, Stetch longed to become a basketball player; however, growing up in the suburbs his parents preferred he play soccer. Here he is today protesting an illegal use of hands call.

And finally, we have a picture of Bob after having lunch at his favorite cantina in Tijuana.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

John Wade, I Salute You

I just finished reading Richmond's Style Weekly article on John Wade who, at eighteen, was branded a "terrorist" as a result of the federal government's (Anti-) "Patriot" Act and sent to federal prison for three years. John Wade's crimes were neither against humanity nor threatening to any human's safety (other than his own). His intent was to exact a monetary price against those whose actions conflicted with or symbolized a threat to the well being of our environment. While one can effectively argue his tactics and actions as misguided and malicious, there can be no arguing the passion and commitment behind them. It is the same kind of single-minded and passionate commitment that inspired ordinary citizens to throw barrels of tea off a British ship in New England, occupy campus buildings, and burn sections of our country's cities. All of these actions are now popularly viewed as natural responses to injustice rather than the crimes they were at the time. Yesterday's "terrorists" sometimes become today's heroes. I hope environmental activists will someday enjoy such status. The impunity with which our system of government destroys land and natural resources for the sake of the almighty dollar will hopefully one day be seen as equally unjust as other atrocities that we have successfully fought to change.

We should all ponder where would we be if inspired people never found the courage to stand up and take action against status quo. Even if the extreme actions of zealots are sometimes misguided and immature, they get people's attention. Attention that, for good or bad, inspires the actions of others. Scary stuff for a country like ours that thrives on the status quo and the sheep-like compliance of it's inhabitants. And that, my friends, is why we have the friggin (Anti-) "Patriot" Act and is also the reason John Wade is labeled as an extremist and a terrorist.

Today we humans are beginning a national dialogue about our future on a depleted planet. People like John Wade, through his actions and his example help us to begin that discussion. Thank goodness he had the courage to not back down after being abused by the system. John Wade has emerged from his imprisonment remarkably committed to pick up where he left off. Only this time, hopefully, his maturity will guide him to more effective means of affecting change. John Wade for his actions as an adult, not as an adolescent, is a hero and I wish I had half the conviction, passion and commitment that he has. You go boy!


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

End of the Line for Twit

The political scene has pretty much dropped off my radar; however, occasionally a political piece will catch my eye enough to actually read it. Especially if it's deals with the political demise of Twit, er Mitt Romney. The Slate's political blog "Trail Head" features such a piece today and it retored my faith that people in this country are not totally out to lunch.

Chadwick Matlin writes:

"So, what now? Romney's last hope was to remain relevant in California, but that worked about as well as his two-dozen different campaign messages. The next few contests—Kansas, Louisiana, Washington, Virginia, and Maryland—don't really favor him, but that's because the country doesn't favor him. The only region where Romney did especially well was in the mountain West, where Mormons live and news stories go to die. His political life has run its course. It's time to end it."

Follow this link for the entire article.

So long Twit. Your 15 minutes are up. The only sad thing is all of the money you swindled out of hard working people that believed you were something special. Now go back to doing what you do best: being irrelevant.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Notes on a Strange Day

February 2, 2008


Catch up on the 2 latest episodes of L-Word. Wonder if lesbians actually watch this show. Wonder if lesbians all looked as good as these women, would there be any heterosexual woman at all. Realize that L-Word has jumped the shark. Sad. It was a good show.


Sleep fitfully. Awakened at three by Keith sending text message asking if I'm still up. Drunk dialing.


Sleep fitfully


Wake up pondering the theory that Britney Spears has actually been possessed by the lost soul of Anna Nicole Smith. Make mental note to contact Pat Robertson and Dr. Phil and suggest exorcism. Imagine the network bidding wars for that one.

Shower, dress and brace for Suzanne's funeral at 10:00. Wonder what goes on in Baptist churches. Take big slug of Bailey's Irish Cream and head out the door.


Arrive at church and pleasantly surprised to find a non-traditional funeral gathering in a hall filled with tables. Mingle. Look at collage boards of pictures. Cry.

Sit at a table with Emily and Keith and listen to family and friends tell Suzanne stories. Ponder whether Suzanne can actually see and hear us as we struggle to make sense of the absurdity and awkwardness of grief. Keith and I have a giggling fit to the horror of the somber ones among us. I am satisfied that Suzanne would have wanted us to laugh. Angie and I pop Suxanne's last CD into the player and leave the funeral in search of the best Bloody Mary available.


Bloody Mary search successful. Brunch wonderful. Mission accomplished.


Watch "Five Easy Pieces and "Edward Scissorhands". Wonder how either was ever considered to be good. Busy myself by preparing the obligatory huge pot of chili for the stupid American faux holiday known as Super Bowl Sunday. Drink beers. Pour beer into pot of chili. Drink more beer. Wyatt comes by to let me know of band playing at Cary Street Cafe tonight. Decide that drinking more beer in a crowded, smoky bar full of hippies seems like an attractive proposition.

Trudge upstairs to post a blog because I made a resolution to do this every day for 365 days. Think of Suzanne. Wonder if there is really life after death and, if so, what is Suzanne doing. Probably still getting registered and moved into her new digs. What's the dress code in the afterlife?


Stare at the monitor and scan brain for excess bullshit to type into PC. Prepare to log out. I'm going to drink beer, listen to music and be thankful that I'm alive, healthy and here on earth with the rest of the fuck-ups.


Bye Suzanne. We won't forget you.