Friday, March 28, 2008

Demon Alcohol, Damnable Flu, and TGIFFF!!!

Where did the last three weeks go? Well, let’s see…. there was a week in Savannah for St. Pattie’s Day celebration, a week of detoxification, exacerbated by the worst case of flu ever, and a week of excruciating back pain brought about by laying on my ass with the flu.

Thanks to abstinence, Nyquil and a variety of pharmaceuticals, today I find myself some worse for the wear but human once again. Hard to believe it’s been three weeks since my last blog entry. But I’m back just in time for Freaky Foto Friday!!!

This one was taken by a fortune hunter searching for that illusive prize at the end of the rainbow. Finally someone was able to locate and photograph the fabled pot. However, to his and everyone else’s chagrine, the pot was not filled with gold. The dream has been shattered once and for all. Wouldn’t you know it!

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