Wednesday, May 7, 2008


It's beginning to sink in. Six Days to go before heading to the other side of Planet Earth, destination Beijing. Every day from here will bring more last minute preparation and anticipation. After a fourteen hour non-stop flight and a twelve hour time loss, I'll be stepping out into a country totally unfamiliar to the average Westerner..... or, maybe not.

Based on these pics from the Beijing airport, looks like The People's Republic is making great strides toward cultural plurality in preparation for the Olympic invasion. I guess they found out that foreigners are serious about their basic creature comforts.

For those seeking to relieve themselves, there are now choices according to one's method of delivery:

If neither flexible, nor adventurous, have a seat!

Or, cop a squat!

Those with doubts about familiar culinary choices can rest easy as well. These are some of the first sights seen upon arrival to the airport:

If I see an Applebees there I'm going to turn around and come home.

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