Friday, February 27, 2009

All Day Benefit Jam at Cary Street Café

On Saturday, March 14th Cary Street Café will be rockin thanks to some of Richmond’s finest musicians and CSC owner Robyn Chandler who will host the:


Wyatt Brewer, a fixture around the Richmond music scene for many years, underwent reconstructive heart surgery at MCV Hospital last month. He is now going through a somewhat lengthy recovery period and his many friends have all graciously agreed to help out. The party begins at 1:00 p.m. on March 14 and is scheduled to run till 8:00 pm. Five bands are on the bill and there may be other guest appearances throughout the day. It promises to be one helluva jam so mark your calendars and get there early so you won’t miss any of these featured acts. In order of appearance the scheduled bands are:


Katelyn Wyszynski of writes:

“The Spaceheaters, a psychedelic jam band, has been firing up the streets of Richmond since 1997 but the band's popularity really began to flare in 2005, booking more shows in one year than in all of the previous ones combined. With noticeable influences drawn from country, blues, metal, rock and techno, this band is guaranteed to fire up a fun time.”

If you like hard edged rock and roll, this band will not disappoint you!


El Presidente’s sound has been described as “a heavy guitar laden metal-rock, flecked with gloom, doom, and southern charm.”

Kate Bredimus of writes that despite variations in musical tastes within the band, they are all heavily influenced by the “trinity that is beyond reproach”: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Black Sabbath.

‘Nuff said. These guys rock!!


World renowned guitar pick-up guru Lindy Fralin, his brother Gary, Brad Tucker (Burnt Taters), and Dan Roberts come together for what looks to be a great show. With musical influences ranging from rockabilly to zydeco these guys will cook up a musical stew that should not be missed!


Think, originally formed in 2003, feature an interesting fusion of jazz, funk, rock and blues with a little Latin groove thrown in for good measure. The band members Dylan Barrows (guitar), Tommy Booker (keys), Bobby Hudson (drums), and Zach Hudgins (bass) come together for a hot sound and infectious groove that is bound to rock the crowd!


The Harrison Deane Band has been rockin' Richmond for over 10 years now. It all started in1995 when singer/songwriter/guitarist Harrison Deane joined up w/ lead guitarist John Leedes to form an acoustic duo. Band members came and went over the first 5 years but Harrison's consistent songwriting and musical chemistry with Leedes developed to near telepathic levels. The band crystallized into its current form at the onset of the new millennium when Richmond music veterans Bobby Jorgenson{bass} and Joe Conner{keyboards} joined the band. With the most recent addition of Rocky Orndorff on drums, The HDB is on top of their game and sounding better than ever. The band has remained a fixture at the Cary St. cafe and countless other Richmond nightspots as well as playing at a wide variety of private parties and functions ranging from weddings to political rallies from 2001 to the present time. In addition to the original material HDB plays scores of familiar and obscure cover songs. Their extensive repertoire will take listeners on a varied emotional ride and keep them dancing all the while.

Folks, this is going to be a great day of music and fun for a good cause. Ten bucks will get you in the door for seven hours of primo music from some of the best musicians this area has to offer. Come on out. You’ll be glad you did and our friend Wyatt will too!!

Peace, love and music to all!!!


bigfigure said...

Minor note on Acousticat bio,Gary is Lindy's cousin and 1 member was left out.The mighty Charles "Toby" Willing.Now lets make my boy Wyatt some dough.WD Roberts

Mephisto Phil said...

Thanks for the correction.