Wednesday, February 6, 2008

End of the Line for Twit

The political scene has pretty much dropped off my radar; however, occasionally a political piece will catch my eye enough to actually read it. Especially if it's deals with the political demise of Twit, er Mitt Romney. The Slate's political blog "Trail Head" features such a piece today and it retored my faith that people in this country are not totally out to lunch.

Chadwick Matlin writes:

"So, what now? Romney's last hope was to remain relevant in California, but that worked about as well as his two-dozen different campaign messages. The next few contests—Kansas, Louisiana, Washington, Virginia, and Maryland—don't really favor him, but that's because the country doesn't favor him. The only region where Romney did especially well was in the mountain West, where Mormons live and news stories go to die. His political life has run its course. It's time to end it."

Follow this link for the entire article.

So long Twit. Your 15 minutes are up. The only sad thing is all of the money you swindled out of hard working people that believed you were something special. Now go back to doing what you do best: being irrelevant.

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Paul Hammond said...

Mitt Romney spent 35 million of his own money campaigning for the nomination. I'm sure no one feels the loss more than he does.