Friday, February 29, 2008

About Your Story Sam...Sorry I Asked

I've come to the conclusion that curiosity is not always a good thing. Since my last post about Mr. Samuel James Tilden Moore III, I just couldn't resist digging deeper to find out more about what I suspected was an interesting, if not sad story. Intrigued by the lack of information readily available about Moore and his background, I was determined enough to do some real digging in the archives. Suffice it to say my suspicions of connections, voiced previously, were not only confirmed but underestimated.

Herein lies the rub. In my zeal to dig up a juicy story, I forgot that knowing more can sometimes be a bad thing. I'm left now with an overwhelming sadness for his family, both living and departed, as well as for old Sam the 3d himself. His story is not unlike that of many privileged offspring that somehow are lost in the wake of the accomplishments and expectations of their prestigious families. It's sometimes hard for those that were underprivileged to grasp how wealth, connections and advantage sometime have such a destructive impact on one's life. It appears that such is the case here.

Out of respect to a fine family, I'm going to hang up my detective hat and relate none of the specifics on what I have gathered to date on Sam and his kin. If there are those that wish to know more, there is a wealth of information if you are resourceful enough to find it. My recommendation however, would be to let it rest. It's just another tragic tale of a fine Southern family lost in the aftermath of a kingdom vanished.

Good luck Sam. You're damn sure gonna need it. GOBs are a dying breed.


bucknasty said...

I've met Sam on several occasions and he has never gotten into detail about his past but has meantened that he regrets a lot of things that he's done. He's a very interesting person that has never spilled his entire guts but did intrigue me to search for more about him and his family. I wish him luck..he's in a downward spiral and trying to get out.

dave said...

can you add to that? I want to know.

dave said...

Can you add?

dave said...