Friday, February 8, 2008

Hurray it's Freaky Foto Friday!

What did we ever do without the world wide web? We certainly didn't have as many pictures to amaze and entertain us!

First we have a shot from the first Olympic competition for transplant recipients. This gymnast, from the tiny island nation of Maui Momo was the first recipient of a replacement head. As no suitable donors were found, she had to settle for a bit less. Her new "head" does come in handy in breaking nasty falls off the balance beam.

Next we have Stretch Armstrong. As a boy, Stetch longed to become a basketball player; however, growing up in the suburbs his parents preferred he play soccer. Here he is today protesting an illegal use of hands call.

And finally, we have a picture of Bob after having lunch at his favorite cantina in Tijuana.

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