Monday, February 18, 2008

Here's to You Dead Dudes

I was the perfect house husband today. I had the day off because I work for one of those organizations that let us have Mondays off whenever one of the holidays I affectionately refer to as Dead Dude's Day comes around. I never know when they are coming. I just wait for someone at work to remind me that we have a day off. It's usually on a Friday when I leave with my standard, "See you on Monday". The strange look I receive from my staff tips me off. It's that exasperated loook that says: "you poor lost dumbass, you've been working in here for 20 years and you still don't know!"

Whatever, I like surprises. Anyway, I decided to surprise Angie by cleaning the house, washing and folding all the clothes, and preparing a wonderful gourmet meal. It was a beautiful 70 degree day today but I resisted the temptation to play on the river and set about doing all the weekend chores that we put on hold so we could do nothing. Strangely enough, today, all those irritating chores became satisfying and I occupied myself all day floating between tasks with the ease of a seasoned pro, juggling food prep with laundry and cleaning, finishing just in time to greet the love of my life at the door with a drink and a kiss.

After a glorious meal, one of my best ever, I mentioned to Angie that maybe this house husband thing may be a good idea. I could quit work, we could save money on house cleaning, and she could be spoiled everyday with my attentive service. Didn't work. "I'll quit work and do all this for you", she said.

The finality in her voice awoke me to the fact that retirement is not in my immediate future. Oh well, at least I've got all those Dead Dude Days to hone my domestic skills.

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