Thursday, February 28, 2008

So What's Your Story, Sam?

Something tells me Mr. Samuel J.T. Moore III is quite an interesting character. Thanks to the Times Dispatch's coverage of Mr. Moore's illustrious rap sheet, my curiosity about this guy was definitely piqued. His perfect record of acquittals on some pretty major charges, coupled with his pedigreed moniker inspired me to do a little web searching. Turns out Sam's father is an author and southern historian of some note, having published a comprehensive history of Richmond during the Civil War as well as being a frequent presenter to and past president of the Richmond Civil War Roundtable. For those that know anything about old Richmond society and the Great Lost Cause, them's pretty impressive credentials in the GOB circle.

Think about it. Who but someone with connections (good or bad) can beat a string of charges like murder, malicious wounding, sexual assault, rape, etc. and still be around to enjoy a pretty high (albeit seedy) lifestyle in the community? Membership, status, and some damn fine lawyers must be in the mix here. Something tells me there is a good back story to this saga and I really hope some ace reporter can sniff it out. I haven't seen a potentially juicy local story like this one since Clyde "the glide" Pitchford had his infamous run.

Let the fun begin.

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